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The Construction Industry Scheme - A Practical Guide    

Quick Links Half-Day Course | £229 +VAT

It is essential that businesses which operate within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) do so effectively in order to avoid potential pitfalls. This half-day course explains the Construction Industry Scheme in detail and is up to date with all the recent changes, including those in April 2017.

Course Dates

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12 July 2017 - PM -London - Hamilton House
11 October 2017 - PM -Manchester - Meeting Place
12 October 2017 - PM -London - 46 New Broad Street
07 December 2017 - PM -London - 46 New Broad Street

Course Overview

This course will explain all the features of the Construction Industry Scheme, from the time that the contracting organisation engages a sub-contractor, to making payments to the sub-contractor. It is completely up to date with the recent changes that HMRC have made to the CIS and includes the final changes made in April 2017. It will, step by step, explain:

  • Which businesses must register as a CIS contractor, including those that do not do construction work but are deemed to be contractors
  • What you need to do to register as a contractor and sub-contractor
  • What a contractor must do to establish whether a sub-contractor is registered for the scheme
  • How to decide whether there is a need to make a deduction of tax from a payment and, if so, at what rate
  • How to make CIS deductions and pay them over to HMRC
  • Completing and filing monthly CIS returns
  • The records you must keep

In addition to dealing with the administration of the scheme, attendees will receive good practical advice on how to manage the typical issues that they will encounter with sub-contractors. This will include what you must do if they claim that their work is outside the scope of the scheme or they claim that you have not deducted the right amount from a payment.

To support the presentation there are two workshop sessions. During these sessions you will look at a number of practical, real life scenarios that contractors have to consider to ensure compliance with CIS.

You should also note that the CIS is not exclusively for businesses in the construction industry, there are also other organisations engaging sub-contractors to carry out construction work that must follow the rules of the scheme.

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Course Times:

Afternoon: 14:00 - 17:00

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Extra Benefits:

  • A Seminar Pack containing the information presented on the day
  • A handout featuring the interesting scenarios discussed during the workshop sessions
  • A Certificate of Attendance

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What Will You Learn?

  • Does my organisation have to register as a contractor under the scheme?
  • As a registered contractor, what rules must be followed?
  • How do I check whether a person should be treated as an ‘employee’ rather than a ‘sub-contractor’?
  • How do I check whether a sub-contractor is registered for the CIS?
  • Are overseas suppliers outside the scope of the CIS?
  • How do I make deductions from sub-contractors payments and pay them over to HMRC?
  • What types of businesses are treated as ‘mainstream’ contractors?
  • If my organisation is not involved in construction how might it be considered a ‘deemed’ contractor?
  • What is ‘Multiple contractor status’?
  • What construction work is not covered by the CIS?
  • How do I verify that a sub-contractor is registered with the CIS?
  • What should I do if I believe that a supplier should be registered as a sub-contractor with the scheme but is not?
  • What determines the amount of tax that should be deducted from a payment to a sub-contractor?
  • When do we pay the deductions over to HMRC?
  • How do I complete and file the monthly CIS returns?
  • Under what circumstance may we have to pay interest and penalties over to HMRC?
  • What should I do if I disagree with a penalty?
  • What records must we keep?

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Course Presenters:

Alexander Altmann:
Alex has been helping clients deal with all types of issues related to CIS for nearly 10 years. He has developed a CIS registration, verification and return filing service for clients that are both ‘mainstream’ and ‘deemed’ contractors.

He is a Director at Blick Rothenberg and he helps clients deal with many different aspects of Tax. He has a Master’s degree in International Tax Law and he is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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Course Cost:

The price to attend this half day course is £229 per person and is exclusive of VAT and includes the course material, tea/coffee on arrival and a tea/coffee break.

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