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Payroll Training

It is essential that all companies have a well-run and compliant payroll operation – however, there are many rules and regulations which can make the task extremely challenging. Our comprehensive payroll training courses will help you achieve a better understanding of this complex area. All of our payroll training courses can be found below. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with us on 01704 878988.

Full-Day Course | £289 + VAT

This full-day course examines the rules and regulations of UK payroll processing under the RTI reporting regime. It will give a complete understanding of UK PAYE and National Insurance, covering all the essentials and giving you the confidence to know you are dealing with PAYE correctly. In addition, delegates will receive an overview of the legislative framework relating to statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, student loans and court orders. 

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Full-Day Course | £289 + VAT

This practical full-day course will clearly explain the rules relating to benefits in kind and expenses and guide you through the completion of the P11D return. The Government has announced a number of significant changes to the handling and reporting of benefits in kind, some of which will take effect as early as April 2017. This course will cover both the current legislative framework and those future proposals - leaving you with the confidence to know that you and your organisation are dealing with this challenging area correctly.  

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Half-Day Course | £229 + VAT

This essential half-day course is the ideal way to ensure that your understanding and application of Payroll and HR legislation is fully up-to-date.  Attending this course will help you and your company stay compliant with the rules and make sure you are well prepared for any future developments.

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Half-Day Course | £229 +VAT

This course is a detailed guide to the brand new Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations, which came into force on 6th April. It will help anyone who has a responsibility for payroll, HR, financial control or remuneration to understand what they should be doing, now and in the coming months.
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Half-Day Course | £229 +VAT

It is essential that businesses which operate within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) do so effectively in order to avoid potential pitfalls. This half-day course explains the Construction Industry Scheme in detail and is up to date with all the recent changes, including those in April 2017.
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Half-Day Course | £229+VAT

New legislation and regular court and tribunal decisions mean that the Employment Law landscape is constantly changing.  This essential half day update will guide you through all recent developments and highlight important changes taking place in the near future - ensuring you are fully up-to-date and well prepared.


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Full-Day Course | £289 + VAT

This full-day course is designed to offer in-depth guidance on the legal and practical considerations which businesses need to be aware of when meeting their obligation to offer a workplace pension to employees. Crucially, it will also explore workplace pension reform in the context of the wider state pension arena, so you can understand and deal with the various issues employees may ask you about when your scheme is introduced.

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