April 2007

Is your company now breaking the law?

Hundreds of thousands of companies are now breaking the law. Since 1st January 2007 all companies have been required to disclose their statutory information, including registration details, on their websites, external e-mails and faxes. Is your company one of them?

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This is one of the measures of the Companies Act 2006. Another one that has already taken effect is the implementation of new rules which allow all companies to communicate with their members by sending e-mails and placing information on their website. Several listed companies have more than a million shareholders and the measures will certainly help them but they are available to all companies, including small private companies.

There are many other very important changes to be implemented, including:

  • There will be a new requirement about the minutes of directors’ meetings.
  • No private company will be required to hold an AGM.
  • The right to vote by proxy will be compulsory in all companies.
  • There will be new rules about company loans to directors.
  • Written resolutions of members will be made much easier to obtain in private companies.

How do you find out how the new Companies Act affects you?

Last month we announced that we will now be presenting three specific seminars which will help people understand the ramifications of the new Companies Act on their particular role. The demand for places is extremely high. To cater for the demand we have arranged presentations in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Reading and London for April, May and June several of which are already full.

If you are a Company Secretary the seminar Helping Company Secretaries Implement the New Companies Act is for you.

If you are a Company Director the seminar The New Companies Act - A Company Director's Survival Guide is for you.

If you are not a Company Secretary or a Company Director and you need to fully appreciate the ramifications that this new legislation will have on all private, public and quoted companies then the seminar The Impact of the New Companies Act is for you.

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