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June 2007

Government revises new rules on holiday entitlement

Department for Trade and Idustry HQThe Department for Trade and Industry has concluded the consultation process on the draft regulations regarding an employee’s entitlement to paid annual leave. The new rules will increase the statutory minimum from 20 to 28 days in order to ensure that workers receive their full entitlement of bank holidays plus 20 days. As a consequence of the consultation the Government has made two important amendments to the first draft of the regulations as they were outlined in January.

The first significant change involves the implementation schedule. The plans were to increase leave to 24 days in October 2007 and then 28 days in October 2008. This second increase has now been delayed until April 2009.

The Government has also acceded to the requests of many employers that workers may be paid in lieu of the additional days from October 2007. However, this is only a transitional arrangement in order to help employers cope with the additional costs of recruitment and training to cover the extra holidays.

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