February 2009


Get in first - ahead of all the other unpaid creditors

Economic conditions are desperately challenging in some respects the most challenging for generations and businesses are having to carefully manage their cash flow. A critical part of managing cash flow is to get your customers to pay on time.

Getting some of your customers to pay may seem like a lost cause. Unless you know how to use the legal processes effectively you might allow the non-collection of a debt to go on too long and then find that the customer has gone into liquidation. This will leave you alongside all their other suppliers wondering whether you are likely to get anything from the liquidator.

The key to this difficult situation is to make sure you get in first - ahead of all the other unpaid creditors.

If you have tight credit control procedures in place and you still cannot get a customer to pay up, you need to know how to make cost-effective use of the Courts Service to get your money in safely and on time.

The 5 stage process to getting paid

  1. Make sure you tighten up on your credit control procedures avoid extending credit to high risk customers.
  2. Make sure you know when to take legal action.
  3. Make sure you know the most appropriate form of legal action to take.
  4. Make sure you prepare the case and get a positive outcome - it is probably much easier than you think.
  5. Make sure you know how to enforce the judgment.

Putting the right procedures in place now is an essential requirement to ensure that your business is not put in danger by the failures of others during these challenging economic times.

Making Sure Your Customers Pay

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